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  • Steamed Sweets Sweets

    Steamed Carrot Buns

    Many years ago, when I was teaching at a primary school in Japan, mother of a student in my class gave me a recipe of ‘Steamed Carrot Buns’. The recipe was lost but I am still making these carrot buns. Because the batter is very soft, you need cupcake cases. The buns will expand double …

  • Egg Vegetables

    Just Spinach & Eggs

    My very first cooking class was in the fifth grade. We cooked ‘Sautéed Spinach’ and ‘Boiled Eggs’. ‘Scrambled Eggs’ is actually easier than ‘Boiled Eggs’. To keep the colour of the scrambled eggs, cook Eggs and Spinach separately. After they are combined gently and placed on a plate, drizzle the sauce over instead of mixing …

  • Fish Mazegohan

    Salmon & Wakame Mazegohan

    My super-easy ‘Salmon Takikomigohan’ is becoming popular. One of my friends has been cooking it repeatedly. However, ‘Salmon Mazegohan’ is a lot tastier and I like it more even though I have to cook Salmon separately. ‘Grilled Salmon & Watercress Mazegohan’, which I introduced on the other day, sounds time-consuming because of the word ‘Grilled’. …

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