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  • Chicken Tofu

    Spicy Chicken & Tofu Nuggets

    When I heard about a fast-food restaurant’s hot & spicy chicken nuggets, I first made these Spicy Chicken & Tofu Nuggets. I simply added spices to the Chicken & Tofu Nuggets to make them hot and spicy. I used Cayenne Pepper, but naturally you can use chilli of your choice. Makes About 20 nuggets Ingredients …

  • Udon Yakisoba


    One day, my daughter asked me what the difference between ‘Yakisoba’ and ‘Yakiudon’ was. ‘Yakisoba’ is a dish of stir-fried noodles flavoured with Yakisoba sauce, which tastes like mix of Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce. ‘Yakiudon’ is obviously stir-fried udon noodles and originally seasoned with the same sauce, but nowadays dashi-flavoured soy sauce is more …

  • Fish Vegetables

    Daikon Cucumber Tuna Salad

    When I buy canned tuna, I choose tuna in brine or spring water. Tuna in olive oil tastes lovely but I don’t want to let the oil go into the drainage. That’s why I came up to this recipe. Please choose good quality and sustainable canned tuna. Makes 2 Servings Ingredients Daikon 10cm *about 150g …

  • Mazegohan

    Edible Chrysanthemum & Kombu Mazegohan

    Every Asian grocery sells this vegetables but most Australians don’t know what it is. Once known it is ‘Chrysanthemum’, they would ask ‘Can we eat that?’ OK… it is actually a plant in the Daisy Family and it is a vegetable that is edible. Edible Chrysanthemum has a very strong distinguish flavour, which I hated …

  • Other Soup

    French Onion Soup

    Everyone loves to eat it, but backs away from cooking it. I know why. Because it takes a LONG time to caramelise the onion and you cannot leave it cook itself. You have to stay there, stirring the onion, for up to 1 hour. No way I can do that… I don’t have that patience… …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Croissant Pudding

    Old and dry croissant works better than freshly baked ones, so those on sale because there are at end of shelf life are perfect for this recipe. You can make a large pudding using a pie dish, but I use four 10cm ramekins for individual serve. Before baking, microwave the puddings for a few minutes …

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