Archive for September 25th, 2018

  • Beans & Peas Halloween

    Wicked Black Bean Dip

    I guarantee this dip is tasty though it looks horrible. It’s a perfect Halloween party food! This dip is based on the basic ‘Hummus’ recipe. I simply tried to make black coloured ‘Hummus’ using Black Beans and Black Tahini. Jalapeño is highly recommended, but it’s optional. Ingredients Canned Black Beans 1 *400g, drainedRed Onion 1/4 …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Sticky Date Pudding

    I never knew the fruit called ‘Date’ until I moved to Australia. The fruit was not known in Japan. My very first experience to taste the fruit was Sara Lee’s ‘Frozen Sticky Date Pudding’. I liked the flavour but I thought it was overwhelmingly sweet.I have tried some recipes to make the pudding by myself, …

  • Curry Vegetables

    Spinach & Coriander Curry

    Using the same method of caramelising the onions quickly for ‘French Onion Soup’ and frozen Spinach, you can make this curry very easily. If you don’t enjoy Coriander, just add more Spinach or other green vegetables such as Kale. The green beans in the photo are Edamame (young soy beans) for the crunchy texture. You …