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  • Chicken

    Lazy ‘Yakitori’

    Why lazy? Because they are not on skewers. Sometime I want to eat ‘Yakitori’ but I don’t want to bother making them. If it is just for myself or family dinner, this is good enough, isn’t it? My favourite ‘Yakitori’ is ‘Negima’, Chicken & Spring Onion, seasoned with just salt and pepper. The lazy version …

  • Fish

    Marinated Salmon Sashimi

    ‘Sashimi’, sliced raw Fish, are still hard to find where I live, but I have a good access to Salmon that is fresh enough to eat raw. You don’t like raw salmon? How about to cure the raw salmon in lemon juice based marinade? This refreshing dish is perfect for lunch or dinner on a …

  • Seasoning


    ‘Kara-age-Ko’ is a seasoned flour used for, most commonly, fried chicken in Japan. ‘Kara-age Chicken’ can be made in many different ways and I have my own recipe, but my mother used to use a store-bought ‘Kara-age-Ko’ when she prepared our bento lunch in the morning. It was the quickest way to make fried chicken, …

  • Egg Vegetables

    ‘Shiri Shiri’ Carrots

    I recently discovered that this dish is originated in Okinawa Island in Japan, and the dish has its name. ‘Shiri Shiri’ means thinly sliced strips of vegetables in Okinawan language. ‘Shiri Shiri’ Carrot are stir-fried with Tuna and Egg, then seasoned with Salt, or Soy Sauce if you prefer. My daughter, who is a big …

  • Chicken Takikomigohan

    Ginger Chicken Takikomigohan

    I love ‘Takikomigohan’ which is seasoned rice cooked with vegetables, mushrooms, seafood or chicken. Probably it is my absolute favourite Japanese food. You can find quite a few recipes on this site and I cook them often, and I think this is the easiest ‘Takikomigohan’ recipe. You need 3 main ingredients, and they are Rice, …

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