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  • Chicken Tofu

    Chicken & Tofu Burgers with Teriyaki Sauce

    I like to eat my ‘Chicken & Tofu Burgers’ with ‘Ponzu’ mixed with grated Daikon Radish and a little bit Chilli, but this ‘Teriyaki Sauce’ is also really good! ‘Teriyaki Sauce’ is usually made with Soy Sauce, Mirin and Sugar. For this dish, I added Rice Vinegar, that makes the sauce next level. Makes 6 …

  • Vegetables

    Spicy ‘Shiso’ Perilla Miso

    Last year, I decided to grow ‘Shiso’ Perilla by myself and bought seeds online. Half-purple type perilla grew so well and Japanese ‘Green Shiso’ is also growing at last. Now I have too many ‘Shiso’ leaves. ‘Shiso Tsukudani’ is a good way to use up many leaves and this is another one, and it is …

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