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  • Chicken Donburi (Rice Bowl) Tempura

    Chicken Tempura Don

    ‘Chicken Tempura’ can make a yummy rice bowl dish. Simply place them on top of freshly cooked rice and drizzle the sauce over. This sauce is basically same as ‘Tentsuyu’ (Dipping Sauce for Tempura) but is has stronger flavour. Teriyaki Sauce is also recommended. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 500g Chicken Breast OR Tenderloin Fillets1 small …

  • Other Soup

    Ginger Egg & Enoki Soup

    On a wet and cold day, everyone would appreciate hot soup. Today I wanted an Asian flavoured egg soup. The very ordinary chicken stock can instantly turn into Asian when fresh Ginger and Spring Onion are added. I used Enoki and Black Fungus, but naturally you can use any vegetables. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 4 …

  • Fruit Sweets

    Apricot Sauce

    This delicious ‘Apricot Sauce’ can be made so easily using Dried Apricots. If you add more Sugar and less Water, it would be an instant Apricot Jam. This sauce goes so well with cheesecake, ice cream, pancakes, or etc. I no longer buy Apricot Sauce or Apricot Jam. Ingredients 100g Dry Apricots1/4 cup Caster Sugar1/4 …

  • Beef Pork Vegetables

    Asa’s ‘Golubtsi’

    When I shared my recipe for ‘Super Easy Sausage Cabbage Rolls’ on my website, I received a message from a person, whose name was Asa. She wrote, ‘There’s a “lazy” form of this dish, known around all Eastern Europe. It’s a little bit different in ingredients, but almost the same in taste. If you’re interested, …

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