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  • Baked & Fried Rice Dough Vegetables

    Daikon Mochi

    ‘Mochi’ is often translated as ‘Rice Cake’. It is a rubbery chewy thick paste made of steamed short-grain glutinous rice pounded. There are some easier methods to make ‘Mochi’. This is a very simple savoury ‘Mochi’. Ingredients are Daikon (White Radish), Glutinous Rice Flour and Salt. Because it is so easy to make, you can …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    My ‘Melting Moments’ With Lemon Cream

    The original English ‘Melting Moments’ are different cookies. But, here in Australia, ‘Melting Moments’ look like these. My cookies are custard shortbread, that contains custard powder. For a long time, I underrated custard powder because I thought making custard with custard powder was unthinkable. However, good quality custard powder contains only ‘Cornflour, Salt, Flavour from …

  • Chicken Donburi (Rice Bowl)

    Ginger Teriyaki Chicken Don

    This can be a super quick & easy meal that everyone would be satisfied with. Are you still buying bottled ‘Teriyaki Sauce’? It is easy to make. You only need Japanese Soy Sauce, Sugar and Mirin. For this rice bowl dish, add plenty of grated fresh Ginger. And of course you cannot forget green vegetables. …