• Cheese Vegetables

    Fennel & Bocconcini Salad

    Aromatic Fennel is best to eat raw. Its anise-like flavour is so good with slightly sweet citrus-base dressing. I often use Orange, but I used Lemon today. For this Fennel salad, plain and milky Bocconcini (Mozzarella Cheese Balls) are perfect. Add more Fennel leaves if you have for extra aroma. Makes 2 to 3 Servings …

  • Bread Cheese Egg

    Quick & Toasty Bacon Quiche

    If you want to eat Cheesy Quiche for late breakfast or lunch, this ‘Quick & Toasty Bacon Quiche’ can be cooked in 15 minutes. You don’t need the oven. All you need is a frying pan. Absolutely easy to cook and delicious! Makes 1 Serving Ingredients 1 thick slice Bread *about 2.5cm thick1 to 2 …