Cooking Rice

  • Cooking Rice

    Turmeric Rice

    I don’t know about the health benefit of Turmeric very well, but it is fun to cook striking yellow rice using Turmeric. I sometimes cook rice with saffron when I serve the rice with curry, as saffron makes rice yellow but it is quite expensive. Turmeric Rice is just good enough. I recommend not to …

  • Cooking Rice

    Cooking Mixed Grains

    I love this ‘Mixed Grains’. It’s mostly Medium Grain Brown Rice, which is mixed with Wild Rice, Barley and Quinoa. You can make your own mix by adding whatever grains you love. Even a small type of beans such as Azuki can be added. However you must be aware of the cooking time of the …

  • Cooking Rice

    Rice Cooker

    180ml measuring cup usually comes with the rice cooker. This size cup is commonly used for measuring rice in Japan and a 180ml cupful is called 1 ‘Go‘. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Japanese Short Grain Rice 3 cups* (180ml cups) (*Use the 180ml cup that comes with the rice cooker) Water Method 1. Wash the rice …

  • Cooking Rice

    Cooking Rice in a Pot

    You will need a moderately large, thick pot with a well fitting lid. As the rice swells when cooking and bubbles a lot, I don’t recommend using a small saucepan. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Japanese Short Grain Rice 2 cups Water 120% of the volume of the rice Method 1. Wash the rice by stirring it …

  • Cooking Rice Sushi

    Cooking Rice for Sushi

    When you cook rice for sushi, cook with slightly less amount of water to achieve firmer texture. Sushi Vinegar recipe varies from one region to another, and every family has a different resipe. I want to share my family’s recipe. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Japanese Short Grain Rice 3 cups* (180ml cups) (*Use 180ml cup …

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