• Drink Egg

    Egg Sake

    It’s a Japanese version of Eggnog, but it got to be hot. This alcoholic beverage is called ‘Tamago-zake’ in Japanese, and it is offered to anyone who have a cold, even children. My mother always made it for me when I had a cold. You can burn off the alcohol by boiling Sake (Rice Wine) …

  • Drink

    My Chai

    I like coffee, and I like unsweetened strong coffee. But, when I am unwell, I hate coffee. I want to drink sweet tea. Yesterday, I made this ‘Chai’ for my son who was unwell. He never ever enjoyed any types of tea before, but it seemed he enjoyed my Chai. Makes 2 to 3 Servings …

  • Drink Matcha

    Super Easy Iced Matcha Latte

    You don’t need blender or liquidiser to make this drink. Just place all ingredients into a large glass, seal it with plastic wrap, secure with your hand, then shake it well until Matcha powder is well dissolved. I use a plastic cup that came with my old personal blender because it has a lid. If …