• Mice

    Chocolate Mice

    My daughter found some Chocolate Mouse recipes on the internet and made these. She said she should have made one end of each ball more pointy for the face. This …

  • Worms

    Dirt & Worms

    This would be the most popular Halloween desert. To make it look spookier, you might wish to place spiders and scorpions as well. At my daughter’s Halloween birthday party, this …

  • Cheesy_Fingers

    Cheesy Fingers

    Cheese is a very popular party food. Using cheese sticks, you can make these spooky Halloween food. This can be done using skinless Cocktail Frankfurts, but that would be really …

  • Brain
    Cold Sweets Halloween


    It’s not real brain!!! Actually it is Strawberry Bavarois, a creamy jelly desert moulded in human brain shape. We bought a plastic brain jelly mould on eBay. I guarantee this …

  • Mummiy


    At my daughter’s birthday & Halloween party, this was the most popular food. It is easy and fun to make and they look great and taste yummy. I recommend to …

  • BakedHand

    Bloody Baked Hand

    A perfectly spooky and nutritious Bake Hand would be a popular food for your Halloween party. You may divide the beef mixture to make multiple small hands, but that would …