• Lamb

    My Family’s Lamb Koftas

    Australia produces a lot of lamb meat but lamb meat is quite expensive here. When my children were young and I was trying to prepare good meals inexpensively as we were having a tough time, minced meat was always a good option. I often made lamb skewers with this lamb meat mixture instead of making …

  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Lamb

    ’Jingisukan’ Lamb Rice Bowl

    In Japan, mutton BBQ in ‘Yakiniku’ style is called ’Jingisukan (Genghis Khan)’ which is totally different from Mongolian Mutton BBQ. Use commonly available lamb meat to create this scrumptious rice bowl dish. As the lamb meat is strongly seasoned, stir-fried vegetables should be very lightly seasoned. This dish can be enjoyed without rice of course, …

  • Lamb Vegetables

    Stewed Lamb & Vegetables

    When I stew lamb meat, I always buy shoulder meat. A large block of shoulder meat is probably the cheapest cut. Shoulder of the animal works hard, so the meat from a lamb’s shoulder is full of flavour and perfect for stewing. I add lots of vegetables. You may think the following amount of vegetables …

  • Beef Chicken Hot Pot & Hot Plate Lamb Pork


    ‘Yakiniku’ means “grilled meat” in Japanese. The term can refer to grilled meat dishes, but most commonly it refers to the Japanese style BBQ. Bite-size meat and vegetables are cooked on the iron grid or plate over a flame of wood charcoals, or if indoor, gas or electric tabletop grill or hotplate. It’s a great …

  • Lamb

    ‘Jingisukan’ Lamb Marinade

    For our famous BBQ on Australia Day, this is my lamb marinade recipe. In Japan, mutton BBQ in Yakiniku style is called ’Jingisukan (Genghis Khan)’ which is totally different from Mongolian mutton BBQ. What is Jinhisukan? (Wikipedia) As mutton meat was not popular in the area I used to live, it was a restaurant dish …

  • Lamb

    Lamb & Spinach Pie

    In the evening after a busy day, I could only think of easy stirfry for dinner but I had only lamb mice. Lamb mince stir-fry? Serve with what? So I wrapped the stir-fried lamb with frozen pastry sheets and baked them while I was making salad. Wow! Look at the result. Makes 2 pies Ingredients …

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