• Chestnut_Rice
    Nuts Takikomigohan

    Chestnut Rice

    It is now well into the autumn in Melbourne. Most Melburnians say that the autumn is the best season. I can’t agree more. Let’s enjoy the autumn food. Today I …

  • Muscovado_Walnut_Mochi1
    Nuts Sweets

    Muscovado & Walnut Mochi

    Mochi, Japanese rice cake made of short-grain glutinous rice pounded into rubbery chewy paste, is often used for making sweets. With limited ingredients and utensils, this mochi sweet can be …

  • Muscovado_Nuts
    Nuts Sweets

    Muscovado Coated Nuts

    There is a traditional Japanese sweet snack called ‘Karinttō’ which I love always. It’s a deep-fried sweet biscuit sticks coated with unrefined dark brown sugar same as muscovado. I have …

  • Cocoa_Sugar_Almonds
    Nuts Sweets

    Cocoa Sugar Almonds

    When I had craving for chocolate on the other day, I made these cocoa sugar coated almonds using my ‘Cinnamon Sugar Almonds’ recipe. I used cocoa powder instead of cinnamon …

  • Cinamon_Sugar_Almonds
    Nuts Sweets

    Cinnamon Sugar Almonds

    These sugar coated almonds are often called ‘Candied Almonds’ but I call them ‘Cinnamon Sugar Almonds’. The sugar or spice coated almonds are so expensive to buy. If once you …

  • Spicy_Almonds

    Spicy Almonds

    How can I translate a Japanese word ‘Otsumami’ into English? It is not ‘Appetiser’ or ‘Snack’. ‘Otsumami’ is something to nibble often with drink which is most likely alcoholic drink. …