• Ramen Vegetables

    Ramen Salad

    I always stock good quality Japanese Instant Ramen in my pantry. Instant Ramen can be a good quick meal with protein and vegetables. On a hot summer day, I often make it into cold refreshing salad for lunch. It’s quick and easy to prepare and very satisfying. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients Instant Ramen 1 Topping …

  • Ramen

    Fresh Ramen

    Frozen fresh Ramen noodles are available from most Japanese and Asian grocery stores. Soup comes with the noodles and they are quite tasty. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients Frozen Fresh Ramen Noodles 1 serving Soup (*comes with noodles) Your Favourite Toppings Method 1. Cook noodles as instructed. Basically cook Frozen Noodles in rapidly boiling water for 2 …

  • Ramen

    Instant Ramen with Toppings

    You cannot underestimate Japanese Instant Ramen. People are very fussy about the quality, texture and types of noodles, and the matching flavour of soup. There is a great range of Instant Ramen that taste just excellent. Enjoy with your favourite toppings. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients Instant Dry Noodles 1 serving Soup (*comes with noodles) Your …

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