Shirataki & Itokonnyaku

  • Beef Shirataki & Itokonnyaku

    Sweet Soy Flavoured Itokonnyaku and Beef

    Do you know ‘Sukiyaki’? Thinly sliced beef cooked with vegetables in a sweet soy flavoured sauce is known as ‘Sukiyaki’. This dish is almost the extract of my favourite bits from ‘Sukiyaki’. Beef, Ito-Konnyaku (or Shirataki) and Onion are cooked in a sweet soy flavoured sauce with fresh ginger is delicious with freshly cooked rice. …

  • Sea Vegetables Shirataki & Itokonnyaku

    Shirataki and Wakame Ponzu Salad

    ‘Shirataki’ are translucent and gelatinous noodles made from Konnyaku Potatoes (Konjac Yam or Devil’s Tongue Yam). Largely composed of water and dietary fibre, they are very low in calories. Slightly coloured type is called ‘Itokonnyaku’. They are getting popular as a healthy gluten & wheat free pasta alternative. I love it especially with Ponzu, a …

  • Shirataki & Itokonnyaku Vegetables

    Spicy ‘Goma-ae’ Spinach

    My family’s favourite ‘Goma-ae Spinach’ sometimes turns to this spicy ‘Goma-ae’ with Itokonnyaku/Shirataki for a change. Itokonnyaku or Shirataki is basically same as Konnyaku/Konjac made from grated Konnyaku Potatoes. They are very low in calories and good source of dietary fiber. It can be replaced with Sweet Potato Starch Noodles which has similar texture. Makes …