• Beef Donburi (Rice Bowl) Sukiyaki

    Sukiyaki Don

    Do not worry about slicing Beef thinly. Cook Sukiyaki using Beef Mince. It is easy and tastes the same, but a little bit hard to eat. So, place it on top of the rice and make it a yummy Donburi dish! Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Cooked Rice 1/2 bowl each Beef Mince 500 to 600g …

  • Beef Sukiyaki

    Basic Sukiyaki

    Very thinly sliced meat or fish is called ‘Sukimi’. Sukimi beef cooked with vegetables in a sweet soy flavoured sauce used to be called ‘Gyuu Nabe’ but came to be known as ‘Sukiyaki’. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Thinly Sliced Beef 500g Onion 1 to 2 Spring Onion 4 to 5 Wombok (Chinese Cabbage) ¼ Shirataki …