• Vegetables

    ‘Fukujinduke’ Pickles

    ‘Fukujinzuke’ is a very popular condiment in Japan. Curries are often served with these crunchy pickles. The name of the pickles originates from the tale of ‘Seven Lucky Gods’ as some varieties of ‘Fukujinzuke’ are made with seven different vegetables. It is easy to make at home. Renkon (Lotus Root) might be impossible to find …

  • Potato Vegetables

    Carrot & Potato Chips Salad

    When my son was young, he hated most vegetables. If I have chopped up the vegetables finely, he would have tried to remove those particles. The best solution was to cook the vegetables in the flavour he loved, that was curry flavour, OR to mix the vegetables with something he loved. This is a very …

  • Egg Vegetables

    Cabbage & Peas ‘Tamago Toji’

    ‘Tamago Toji’ is a Japanese cooking method to bind the ingredients cooked in sauce or soup with ‘Tamago’, egg(s). Obviously, ‘Toji’ comes from a verb ‘tojiru’ that means ‘bind’. The method is popularly used. ‘Oyako’ Don is an example. This recipe uses Cabbage and Peas, but you can use whatever vegetables you have in hand. …

  • Beef Pork Vegetables

    Baked Stuffed Capsicums

    This recipe must be credited to a person whose name is Asa and who gave me her recipe of ‘Golubtsi’. Asa’s ‘Golubtsi’ is not only delicious but also light & healthy as it is full of vegetables, especially Cabbage. I simply filled Red Capsicums with her ‘Golubtsi’ mixture and baked them. Tasted great and looked …

  • Vegetables

    Mashed Cauliflower

    If you are looking for an alternative for ‘Mashed Potatoes’, try this ‘Mashed Cauliflower’. It looks exactly like ‘Mashed Potatoes’. The texture is, of course, different and lighter than ‘Mashed Potatoes’. The most importantly, it is a lot lower in calories. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 1 head Cauliflower *cut into florets2 cloves Garlic1 teaspoon Salt …

  • Tofu Vegetables

    Marinated Tapioca Pearls With Silken Tofu

    If you like the rubbery jelly-like texture of Tapioca Pearls, you would enjoy my ‘Marinated Tapioca Pearls’ that can be a great addition to a salad. Today I marinated Tapioca Pearls in ‘Mentsuyu’ for Silken Tofu salad. It was absolutely delicious! What a genius I am! Makes 2 Servings Ingredients 1/4 cup Tapioca Pearls *I …

  • Dressings & Vinaigrettes Vegetables

    Coriander Salad Dressing

    This delicious Salad Dressing can be enjoyed by coriander lovers only. Do not encourage coriander haters to try it, because they have particular receptors that find coriander tastes like soap. They taste coriander differently and don’t enjoy it. I am lucky that I can taste Coriander beautifully refreshing. Makes 4 Servings Dressing Ingredients 2 to …

  • Nuts Vegetables

    ‘Peanut-ae’ Beans

    ‘Goma-ae’ is a very popular Japanese dish and it is made with ‘Goma-ae’ sauce, which is a sweet sauce of ground toasted sesame seeds and it goes very well with many vegetables. Sometimes ‘Kurumi’ (Walnuts) is used instead of Sesame Seeds, and the dish is called ‘Kurumi-ae’. You can use Peanuts, and the dish is …

  • Vegetables

    Scrumptious Cabbage & Cucumber

    When you need to make a side dish quickly, try this absolutely easy salad. Cabbage can be blanched, but this cabbage I used was so tender and sweet, I used it as it was. That means I cut and tore the veggies and mixed with seasoning. How easy! You can add Daikon, Carrot, Wakame or …

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