• Beef Sukiyaki Udon

    Quick & Easy Sukiyaki Udon

    ‘Sukiyaki’ is one of the most famous Japanese dishes. ‘Sukiyaki’ is cooked on the dinner table as we eat. As things are eaten, we add more ingredients and sauce, and keep cooking until everyone is satisfied. Towards the end of the meal, as the sauce in the pan has developed great flavour, we often add …

  • Beef Pork Vegetables

    Baked Stuffed Capsicums

    This recipe must be credited to a person whose name is Asa and who gave me her recipe of ‘Golubtsi’. Asa’s ‘Golubtsi’ is not only delicious but also light & healthy as it is full of vegetables, especially Cabbage. I simply filled Red Capsicums with her ‘Golubtsi’ mixture and baked them. Tasted great and looked …

  • Beef Donburi (Rice Bowl)

    Taco Rice

    ‘Taco Rice’ is actually a Japanese dish and it was first created in Okinawa, once American-Occupied Japanese island. It consists of taco-flavoured Beef Mince (OR Beef & Pork Mince) served on rice with shredded Lettuce, Tomato and shredded Cheese. Many people use Ketchup and Japanese Worcestershire Sauce to season Taco Beef. I don’t use Ketchup …

  • Beef Curry

    Beef Shank Curry

    In Melbourne, Italian ‘Osso Bucco’ cuts from Beef are widely available. Since I discovered that the ‘Osso Bucco’ cuts are the same meat that I used to cook for ‘Oden’, a popular Nabe (Hot Pot) dish in Japan, I am loving to cook ‘Osso Bucco’ cuts in Japanese way. This ‘Beef Shank Curry’ is easy …

  • Bread Curry Dough Pork

    Kareeman (Steamed Curry Buns)

    ‘Kareeman’ is the Japanese name for the steamed buns filled with curry flavoured mince and vegetable mixture. It’s similar to ‘Nikuman’ (Steamed Pork Buns). For ‘Kareeman’, you can use any minced meat. Today I used Pork Mince. It can be vegetarian, too. Makes 8 Buns Ingredients Pastry1 cup (*250ml) Self-Raising Flour1/2 cup Bread Flour *You …

  • Beef Vegetables

    Beef Steak With Grated Daikon & Ponzu

    White snow-like finely grated Daikon (White Radish) is called ‘Daikon Oroshi’ in Japanese. It can be used as a condiment and often added to sauces. This is a very popular way to enjoy Beef Steak in Japan. Daikon’s refreshing, spicy yet mildly sweet flavour is absolutely wonderful with oily meat. Have you tried it yet? …

  • Beef Potato

    Jacket Potato With Bulgogi Beef

    My family enjoyed ‘Jacket Potato With Spicy Miso Pork’ very much, and I have been inspired to create another Asian topping for baked potatoes. This is Korean inspired ‘Bulgogi Beef’. Using Beef Mince, it’s easy to cook! Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 4 Large Potatoes500g Beef Mince1 Onion *finely sliced1 teaspoon Sesame Oil1 Spring Onion *finely …

  • Beef Donburi (Rice Bowl) Sukiyaki

    Sukiyaki Don

    Do not worry about thinly slicing Beef for ‘Sukiyaki’. Use Beef Mince! It is easy and tastes the same, but a little bit hard to eat. So, place it on top of the rice and make it a yummy ‘Donburi’ dish! Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 500g Beef Mince1 tablespoon Oil1 Onion1 Carrot1/4 (about 300g) Wombok …

  • Beef Pork Vegetables

    Asa’s ‘Golubtsi’

    When I shared my recipe for ‘Super Easy Sausage Cabbage Rolls’ on my website, I received a message from a person, whose name was Asa. She wrote, ‘There’s a “lazy” form of this dish, known around all Eastern Europe. It’s a little bit different in ingredients, but almost the same in taste. If you’re interested, …

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