broad beans

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    Broad Bean Dip

    All Broad Bean lovers should try this delicious dip. Fresh Broad Beans are lovely, but Frozen Broad Beans can be used. Nice crusty bread or grilled flat bread would be perfect with this dip. Makes About 1 Cupful Ingredients 1 heaped cupful Broad Beans flesh *tough skin removed1/2 clove Garlic *finely choppedWater1/2 to 1 tablespoon …

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    Green Vegetable Soup

    Don’t judge it by its colour. This soup is absolutely delicious! I first made this soup by adding some green vegetables to ‘My Mother’s Potato Soup’ to make it more nutritious. You should add as many different green vegetables as you have. I love to add Broad Beans that makes a huge difference. The more …

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    Broad Beans Soup

    It’s a soup of Spring. I have tried to make this soup with chicken stock, vegetable stock, potato, onion, or a little bit of butter. To enjoy the flavour of the Broad Beans most, you only need Milk. Trust me! You will enjoy the best Broad Beans soup. Makes 2 to 4 Servings Ingredients Broad …