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  • Tempura Vegetables

    Curry Flavoured Brussels Sprouts Tempura

    I read an article about the vegetables that are hated by children. They say the most hated vegetable is ‘Brussels Sprouts’ and I tend to agree, because my young students and my own children, when they were young, hated ‘Brussels Sprouts’. My son hated most vegetables but he didn’t mind if they were seasoned in …

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    Brussels Sprouts With Sweet Miso Sauce

    Brussels Sprouts are delicious in so many different flavours. Soy Sauce and Miso flavours are also really nice. This is a typical ‘Sunomono’, that means ‘vinegared dish’ in Japanese, seasoned with sweet miso sauce. The sweet miso sauce is called ‘Sumiso’ in Japanese and it is made of White Miso, Sugar and Rice Vinegar. The …

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    ‘Gomamiso-ae’ Brussels Sprouts & Chicken

    How do you cook Brussels Sprouts? Roasting is probably the most popular method, I guess. Pan-frying is also good. I like pan-fried spicy Sprouts. I would cook with Bacon or Pancetta. Today, I am sharing a Japanese recipe, that is ‘Gomamiso-ae’. ‘Gomamiso-ae’ Sauce is similar to ‘Goma-ae’ Sauce. As you can see, it has ‘Miso’ …