• Pork Vegetables

    Stir-fried Pork & Cabbage

    The main ingredients for this dish are Pork and Cabbage. I usually add Green Sweet Chilli or Green Capsicum. Onion, Carrot and Garlic Shoots are also good. When you cook this type of stir-fry dish, you must prepare everything before you actually start cooking. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 400g Pork *thinly sliced1 pinch Salt1 tablespoon …

  • Ramen Vegetables

    Crispy Noodles With Stir-Fry

    When I was living in Japan, this was the dish I ordered at the Chinese restaurants almost all the time. It was the dish of crispy golden brown fried noodles covered with delicious seafood & vegetable stir-fry. I recently discovered that I can easily make the crispy noodles by frying Uncooked Fresh Chinese Egg Noodles. …

  • Chicken Hot Pot & Hot Plate

    Chicken Miso Nabe

    This ‘Nabe’ dish appeared on my family’s dinner table quite often when I was a little girl, though Chicken Fillets were not in the pot. Instead, my mother used Chicken Guts, Livers, Giblets and other mysterious parts of chicken. They were not appealing to me and I was picking up only Cabbage and Nira (Garlic …

  • Egg Potato Vegetables

    Stir-fried Vegetable Nest & Eggs

    This is another dish that I used to cook quite often when I was a financially challenged Uni student. The essential ingredients are 1 Potato and 1-2 Eggs. You only need a frying pan. Add whatever vegetables you have in hand to make such a great looking and nutritious dish. You may wish to add …

  • Beef Pork Vegetables

    Asa’s ‘Golubtsi’

    When I shared my recipe for ‘Super Easy Sausage Cabbage Rolls’ on my website, I received a message from a person, whose name was Asa. She wrote, ‘There’s a “lazy” form of this dish, known around all Eastern Europe. It’s a little bit different in ingredients, but almost the same in taste. If you’re interested, …

  • Vegetables

    Spicy Cabbage Outer Leaves

    When I buy cabbage, of course I select a fresh head of cabbage. When I cook it, I take off withered and discoloured outer leaves if there are any. The problem is I often have dark green coloured and very fresh looking leaves that are actually quite tough and woody, and I don’t know what …

  • Vegetables

    Broccoli Slaw with Creamy Dressing

    ‘Broccoli Slaw’ is my new discovery at a Coles supermarket. It was packed with creamy dressing and $5 for about 2 servings. I like it a lot, but the list of ingredients freaked me out, and also it is pricey! Coleslaw can be prepared easily and cheaply at home. You don’t need to buy the …

  • Vegetables

    Spring Coleslaw

    The vegetables in season are sweet and delicious, and I particularly love cabbages in Spring. My favourite is Savoy Cabbage. Simply slice up everything and mix with the oil-free sweet yoghurt dressing. Your children would love this salad. For grown-ups, some thinly sliced Onion would be a good addition. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Cabbage 200g …

  • Egg Okonomiyaki

    Egg White Okonomiyaki

    How do you use up the leftover egg white? Do you make Angel Food Cake, Macarons or Meringue? There are some recipes on this website such as Almond Bread, Pavlova and ‘Langues de Chat’ Biscuits. I want to introduce a new savoury dish for using up the leftover egg white. It’s this ‘Okonomiyaki’. Simply you …

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