• Yakisoba

    Yakisoba With Sesame Miso Sauce

    ‘Yakisoba’ is Japanese style stir-fried noodles seasoned with ‘Yakisoba Sauce’ which tastes like Worcestershire Sauce. ‘Yakisoba Sauce’ is hard to find for many people. Try this ‘Sesame & Miso Sauce’ that is quite popular in Okayama, Japan, where I am from. If you have no access to the Asian stir-fry noodles, read ‘Bi-Carb Soda Transforms …

  • Chicken

    Chicken With Grated Daikon Sauce

    Finely grated Daikon (White Radish) has a resemblance to Sleet that is called ‘Mizore’ in Japanese. When meat or fish are cooked in a sauce with finely grated Daikon, the dish is called ‘Mizore-ni’ that literally means ‘cooked in the sleet’. This dish’s Japanese name is ‘Tori no Mizore-ni’, Chicken cooked in the Sleet. Makes …

  • Chicken Sushi

    Wasabi Chicken & Avocado Chirashi-zushi

    Chicken, Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce, Wasabi are popular fillings for Sushi Rolls, because they taste good with sweet & sour rice. They can be great toppings for ‘Chirashi-zushi’, a type of sushi which is a kind of decorated rice salad. Same ingredients in a different presentation. Makes 2 Servings Ingredients Sushi Rice1 cup (*180ml cup) Japanese …

  • Bread Curry Dough Pork

    Kareeman (Steamed Curry Buns)

    ‘Kareeman’ is the Japanese name for the steamed buns filled with curry flavoured mince and vegetable mixture. It’s similar to ‘Nikuman’ (Steamed Pork Buns). For ‘Kareeman’, you can use any minced meat. Today I used Pork Mince. It can be vegetarian, too. Makes 8 Buns Ingredients Pastry1 cup (*250ml) Self-Raising Flour1/2 cup Bread Flour *You …

  • Ramen Vegetables

    Crispy Noodles With Stir-Fry

    When I was living in Japan, this was the dish I ordered at the Chinese restaurants almost all the time. It was the dish of crispy golden brown fried noodles covered with delicious seafood & vegetable stir-fry. I recently discovered that I can easily make the crispy noodles by frying Uncooked Fresh Chinese Egg Noodles. …

  • Chicken Hot Pot & Hot Plate

    Chicken Miso Nabe

    This ‘Nabe’ dish appeared on my family’s dinner table quite often when I was a little girl, though Chicken Fillets were not in the pot. Instead, my mother used Chicken Guts, Livers, Giblets and other mysterious parts of chicken. They were not appealing to me and I was picking up only Cabbage and Nira (Garlic …

  • Chicken Vegetables

    ‘Gomamiso-ae’ Brussels Sprouts & Chicken

    How do you cook Brussels Sprouts? Roasting is probably the most popular method, I guess. Pan-frying is also good. I like pan-fried spicy Sprouts. I would cook with Bacon or Pancetta. Today, I am sharing a Japanese recipe, that is ‘Gomamiso-ae’. ‘Gomamiso-ae’ Sauce is similar to ‘Goma-ae’ Sauce. As you can see, it has ‘Miso’ …

  • Chicken Vegetables

    Chicken Salad With Spicy Sauce

    When you feel like something refreshing but spicy, try this salad. Chicken can be replaced with fish, prawns, squid, tofu, etc. Add plenty of salad vegetables, because with this spicy sauce, you will want to eat more vegetables. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 300g Chicken Breast Fillet(s)1 small piece Ginger *grated1 tablespoon Sake (Rice Wine)1/4 teaspoon …

  • Chicken Donburi (Rice Bowl)

    Ginger Teriyaki Chicken Don

    This can be a super quick & easy meal that everyone would be satisfied with. Are you still buying bottled ‘Teriyaki Sauce’? It is easy to make. You only need Japanese Soy Sauce, Sugar and Mirin. For this rice bowl dish, add plenty of grated fresh Ginger. And of course you cannot forget green vegetables. …

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