• Cold Sweets

    Basic Jelly

    Gelatin, Kanten and Agar Agar are the most common gelling agents used for setting liquid to make gelatinous dessert. Gelatin is made from pork skins, cattle bones or hides. Kanten (Japanese) and Agar Agar (Malay) are made from sea plants. Kanten is made from red algae called ‘Tengusa’ and ‘Ogonori’ in Japanese. Agar Agar is …

  • Cold Sweets Fruit

    Wine Kanten Jelly

    Kanten is similar to Agar Agar but its texture is different. The advantage of using Kanten (or Agar) as gelling agent is that it can set liquid with the fruit such as fresh Pineapple, Kiwi Fruit or Mango. Those fruits break down the protein found in gelatine and prevent the jelly from setting. This doesn’t …

  • Azuki (Red Beans)

    ‘Kintsuba’ Azuki Cakes

    I sometimes crave for Japanese sweets, which I know I can’t purchase from any shops near my home. Therefore I have to to make them. If I were in Japan, I wouldn’t even try. There are so many delicious and artistically created beautiful Japanese sweets easily available anywhere. ‘Kintsuba’ Azuki Cakes are easy to make. …

  • Cold Sweets Fruit Sweets

    Milk Fruit Kanten

    I scarcely remember the time when I was in my third year of primary school, but I clearly remember a boxed lunch that my mother made for me on a school excursion day. My lunch impressed all teachers and their praises made me so happy. The most outstanding food in the lunch box was this …

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