• Baked & Fried Sweets Fruit

    Super Easy Peach Cobbler

    This is a Super Easy recipe to make ‘Peach Cobbler’ just for you when you crave it. However, this recipe can be easily multiplied to make more servings. If you microwave it, Peach Cobbler will be ready in 5 minutes. If you can wait, bake it in the oven and you will get lovely crusty …

  • Cold Sweets Fruit

    Peach Fool & Peach Jelly

    I am from Okayama, Japan. Okayama is famous for its production of fruit, especially ‘White Peach’. Different types of White peaches are available in Melbourne where I live. Different, but they still smell and taste like Okayama’s ‘White Peach’ that I miss. *Note: White Peaches are the best for this dessert, but you can use …

  • Fruit Sweets

    Hot Fruit Salad

    This is one of our family’s favourite Winter desserts. I learned it from my husband’s mother many years ago. It’s absolutely quick and easy, and if you have a frying pan, you can make it. I always stock canned peaches in my pantry, so that I can make this dessert anytime. Everyone gets excited once …