• Baked & Fried Rice Dough Vegetables

    Daikon Mochi

    ‘Mochi’ is often translated as ‘Rice Cake’. It is a rubbery chewy thick paste made of steamed short-grain glutinous rice pounded. There are some easier methods to make ‘Mochi’. This is a very simple savoury ‘Mochi’. Ingredients are Daikon (White Radish), Glutinous Rice Flour and Salt. Because it is so easy to make, you can …

  • Vegetables

    Pickled Ginger, Tomato & Radish ‘Sunomono’

    Pickled Ginger, that is sometimes called ‘Sushi Ginger’, is totally underrated, in my opinion. I love fresh Ginger and I love the sweet and sour Pickled Ginger, too. It can be used for salad, stir-fry, sauces, and many more. Find my ‘Pickled Ginger’ recipes on this website. This is an elegant flavoured ‘Sunomono’ (‘Vinegared Dish’ …

  • Vegetables

    ‘Gomamiso-ae’ Radishes

    ‘Gomamiso-ae’ is a dish of vegetables seasoned with sweet miso sauce with aromatic toasted sesame seeds. The soy sauce version ‘Goma-ae’ and ‘Gomamiso-ae’ both are very popular and they can be made with so many different vegetables, even with the juicy fresh vegetables such as Tomato and Radish. Some people don’t enjoy fresh radish because …