• Fish Other Soup

    Coconut Milk Fish Stew

    One day when I was cooking Fish Stew, I discovered that I didn’t have enough milk. I needed to save the milk for next morning’s coffee. Then I decided to use a canned Coconut Milk instead, and the result was OK. Later I learned about a Brazilian fish & seafood stew called ‘Moqueca’, and my …

  • Other Soup Pork

    Lazy Wonton Soup

    I bet you like ‘Wonton Soup’. Is there anyone who doesn’t? It’s delicious and comforting, especially on a cold day. However, most people don’t want to bother making it from scratch. Try my ‘Lazy Wonton Soup’. Using the same ingredients that you need to make it properly, this soup can be ready in 5 minutes. …

  • Zōsui (Rice Soup)

    ‘Ojiya’ Egg Rice Porridge

    When I am sick with a cold, I want ‘Okayu’, that is Japanese style Rice Porridge. It’s easy to digest but not really nutritious. Once I started recovering, cook this ‘Ojiya’ Egg Rice Porridge for me. If I have a better appetite and my sore throat is not too bad, you can add more vegetables. …

  • Other Soup Pork

    Salted Pork Stew

    This is a very simple soup. No skills required. No special tools required. Just place all ingredients in a pot and simmer. It’s a comforting stew that is perfect on a cold winter day. It can help you to recover from your cold, too. Pork can be replaced with Chicken Thighs. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients …

  • Other Soup Ramen

    Shoyu Ramen Soup

    I recently discovered Fresh Chinese Egg Noodles at a local Asian grocery store and they are much cheaper than Japanese Ramen Noodles that are available where I live. The Fresh Chinese Egg Noodles are delicious and can be cooked very quickly because they are fresh, not dried. We are enjoying the noodles with my ‘Miso …

  • Other Soup Ramen

    Miso Ramen Soup

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw carton-packed Ramen Soup products in a supermarket store. Are Ramen so popular in Australia as the biggest supermarket chain is keen to develop such products? If you a Ramen enthusiast, you should know that Ramen Soup is easy to make yourself. At least, my family’s Miso Ramen …

  • Other Soup

    Ginger Egg & Enoki Soup

    On a wet and cold day, everyone would appreciate hot soup. Today I wanted an Asian flavoured egg soup. The very ordinary chicken stock can instantly turn into Asian when fresh Ginger and Spring Onion are added. I used Enoki and Black Fungus, but naturally you can use any vegetables. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 4 …

  • Other Soup

    My Mother’s Potato Soup

    I still remember the day my mother first made this soup for me. She said it was called ‘Potage’ and I was so impressed. I had never tasted any western style soup before and that soup was my first milk-based soup. Now I know this soup is known as ‘Vichyssoise’ and it is traditionally served …

  • Other Soup Vegetables

    My ‘Gazpacho’

    The weather in Melbourne, Australia, is famous for its unpredictability. It is said to have four seasons in one day! Sometimes it is absolutely true. Our summer is weird. It can be cold but it can be scorching hot. The temperature can easily go over 40℃. I don’t like hot weather as I lose energy …

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