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    Rhubarb & Strawberry Cobbler

    Many many years ago, it was before our eldest son was born, my husband and I were planning a dinner party but we had no idea for dessert. One night we watched a TV show called ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ and a lady showed us how to cook ‘Rhubarb & Strawberry Cobbler’, which I decided …

  • Cold Sweets Fruit

    Strawberry Bavarois

    Strawberry Bavarois is a creamy jelly desert. This is my super-easy method. If you wish to mould it, you might need extra gelatine. This is a soft jelly, so let it set in glasses. See my healthy ‘Strawberry & Yoghurt Jelly’ recipe as well. Makes 4 to 6 Servings Ingredients 6 sheets (10g) Gelatine Leaves …

  • Cold Sweets Fruit Sweets

    Strawberry & Yoghurt Jelly Cake

    When I first made this cake for my health-conscious daughter, I used Natvia instead of Sugar. Please replace ‘Sugar’ in this recipe with your favourite natural sweetener if you like. I recommend to make this cake one day before, so that the sponge cake will be moist and jelly is firmly set. Cake Tin 20cm …

  • Cold Sweets Halloween


    It’s not real brain!!! Actually it is Strawberry Bavarois, a creamy jelly desert moulded in human brain shape. We bought a plastic brain jelly mould on eBay. I guarantee this Strawberry Bavarois will make your guests scream at your Halloween party. By the way, none of our guest touched it! Makes 1 Moulded Brain You …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Fruit Sweets

    Strawberry Shortcake

    The most popular cake in Japan is probably this ‘Strawberry Shortcake’. I don’t know why it is called ‘Shortcake’ but we all think of this particular cake when speaking of ‘Shortcake’. Cake Tin 18 to 20cm Round Cake Tin Ingredients Sponge Cake3 Egg Whites3 Egg Yolks90g (100ml) Caster Sugar90g (150ml) Self-Raising Flour15g Butter *melted1/2 teaspoon …

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