Hello Teachers of Japanese

Thank you for visiting my Idea Books website.

Idea Book Series is a collection of lesson ideas, flash card and worksheet masters, game and activity ideas, each designed to be used easily and enjoyably in the classroom. Even for teachers whose knowledge of Japanese is limited, there are ideas to make teaching Japanese fun.

These books were published by former KYOZAI – L.O.T.E. Teachign Aids. Thousands of copies have been sold to primary schools and teachers of Japanese in Australia. It’s been many years since the books were published and KYOZAI – L.O.T.E. Teaching Aids is no longer operating its business.

The Idea Books have been out of print and unavailable for many years, but I still receive grateful responses and requests from many enthusiastic teachers. I am very happy to know that my books and charts are still in good use in many schools.

To meet techers’ requests I have digitaly reproduced the contents of the Idea Books by combining the scanned images from the hard copies that I kept for myself.

Now the books are available only in PDF format. Once purchased, you may print out any contents of the books for your teaching purposes.

Some of the songs that are introduced in the Idea Books and Big Hiragana Charts and Family Charts are available for free to download. I wish my resources will keep help teachers in their efforts to teach Japanese to young students.

Hiroko Nishibayashi Liston