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    Pineapple Jam Stuffed Cupcakes

    Jam stuffed cupcakes are popular, but I have never seen Pineapple Jam stuffed ones in Australia. Australia produces a lot of Pineapples, but it is funny that I have never seen Pineapple Jam either. Today I made Pineapple Jam using canned Pineapple to make these cupcakes. There is something you need to know when you …

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    Pineapple Jam

    Pineapple Jam is tricky to make. As Pineapple contains very little pectin, it won’t thicken if you cook it like other popular jam fruit. I recommend to process Pineapple into paste. You need to add a fair amount of Sugar. You would need to add Lemon Juice for extra sourness. This is a recipe you …