Idea Book 2

A$ 29.95
Hiroko Nishibayashi
KYOZAI – L.O.T.E. Teaching Aids
First Published 1996 / 96p.

Idea Book 2 is a collection of more lesson ideas, flash card and worksheet masters, game and activity ideas, each designed to be used easily and enjoyably in the classroom.

Again this book has been written in roomaji for the benefit of teachers yet to master reading Japanese. For those wishing to use hiragana, there is an appendix of all romanised terms and their hiragana equivalents at the end of the book.

Covered Topics

Craft Ideas, Family, Weather, Seasons, Time, Household Goods

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The Family chart and the family member flash card masters are available from Free to Download page. The sample lessons using these chart and cards are described in the Idea Book 2.

Please Note

This product is in PDF format (57.4MB).
This product has been produced from the scanned images of the Idea Book 2 published in 1996.

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