Idea Book 5

A$ 29.95
Hiroko Nishibayashi Liston
KYOZAI – L.O.T.E. Teaching Aids
Revised Edition 2009 / 88p.

Idea Book 5 is a collection of Japanese children’s plays and games, songs, Japanese cultural day & undookai activity ideas, lesson ideas, Olympic related vocabulary.

Studying a foreign language is the same as studying its culture. When Australian children study Japanese, I feel it is very important for them to understand the culture of Japanese children. When you think of children’s culture, you cannot omit their play activities. To children, their play activities are the most important events in their own worlds.

Covered Topics

Japanese Children’s Plays and Games, Songs, Japanese Cultural Day & Undookai Activities, Olympics

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Please Note

This product is in PDF format (52.8MB).
This product has been produced from the scanned images of the Idea Book 5 published in 2000.
The Olympic vocabulary has been revised.

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