Idea Book 3

A$ 29.95
Hiroko Nishibayashi
KYOZAI – L.O.T.E. Teaching Aids
First Published 1996 / 104p.

Idea Book 3 is a collection of lesson ideas, flash card and many worksheet masters, game and activity ideas to teach reading and writing Japanese, mainly hiragana.

There are many ways of thinking about use of roomaji and hiragana at primary school level.

I think it is important to teach using Japanese writing system. This does not only apply to teaching Japanese. It is common for students to study languages that are not based on the roman alphabet. Learning about the writing system means learning the language’s history and its structure. This leads to learning the culture of the language. Therefore, when learning Japanese, I feel it is essential to learn Japanese using hiragana from the beginning.

Covered Topics

Reading & Writing Hiragana

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