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  • Vegetables

    Daikon Whole-grain Mustard Salad

    ‘Daikon Carrot Namasu’ is one of my all time favourite ‘ae-mono’, a type of salad. The sweet and sour dressing goes very well with Daikon. Whole-grain mustard can add extra flavour to the sweet and sour dressing. You may wish to add some other vegetables such as Cucumber, Carrot, Mizuna or Sprouts. The traditional Japanese …

  • Potato

    Potato ‘Oyaki’ Rice Flour Pancakes

    ‘Okonomiyaki’ is a popular Japanese dish that is known by many but ‘Oyaki’ hasn’t been known. There are many variations these days and this ‘Potato Oyaki’ is quite popular. Some recipes cook the potatoes first, then mash. Some other recipes grate uncooked potatoes and use potato starch flour. I always shred the potatoes and use …