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  • Potato

    Potato & Smoked Salmon Pancakes

    On this website, I have shared a recipe for ‘Potato Oyaki’, a type of savoury pancake, and my ‘Potato Oyaki’ is made with Rice Flour. I know many people don’t stock Rice Flour. This ‘Potato & Smoked Salmon Pancakes’ can be made with any flour of your choice. And you don’t need to shred or …

  • Onigiri (Rice Balls)

    Rice Sandwich ‘Onigirazu’

    ‘Onigirazu’ can be translated as ‘not shaped by hands’. Compared to ‘Onigiri’ (Japanese Rice Ball) that is shaped into a ball or a triangle by hands, ‘Onigirazu’ is shaped into a flat square and wrapped with Nori. This new food has no rule at all about the filling. You can use whatever you like. This …