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  • Fish

    ‘Tazukuri’ Ikan Bilis Version

    ‘Tazukuri’ is a Japanese dish of dried young whole sardines cooked in Sugar and Soy Sauce. It is a traditional dish prepared for New Year’s celebration. Young sardines called ‘Gomame’ are used but the ones called ‘Niboshi’ (OR ‘Iriko’) are also used, but those dried whole sardines are too hard to find where I live. …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Nuts

    Dates & Walnuts Crumble Slices

    I love the combination of Dates and Walnuts, that is excellent for cookies, cakes and anything. These slices don’t look sophisticated but they are absolutely delicious. You would need a cup of tea or coffee! Makes 25 Slices Cake Tin 20cm Square Tin*If you use a larger tin, make more Filling and Crumble. Filling 1 …