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  • Beans & Peas Dips & Spreads Vegetables

    Edamame & Watercress Dip

    I have introduced my ‘Edamame & Cream Cheese Dip’ and ‘Edamame & Avocado Dip’ recipes on this website. Those dips are delicious but I always thought something tangy would be nice in Edamame Dip. On the other day, when I was washing Watercress for salad, I thought the very peppery flavour of Watercress, which I …

  • Mushrooms Vegetables

    Asian Mushrooms & Grated Daikon Ponzu Salad

    In Japan, ‘Daikon Oroshi’, snow-like finely grated Daikon radish, is often used for this type of dish, that is called ‘Oroshi-ae’. It is quite simple to prepare. Mix grated Daikon with other ingredients, that can be fresh or cooked. Asian mushrooms need to be cooked, but the method is up to you. You might wish …