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  • Vegetables

    Extra Crunchy Pickled Daikon

    ‘CRUNCH! CRUNCH!’, it makes a loud sound as you bite these pickled Daikon (White Radish). How to make it extra crunchy? You dehydrate Daikon before marinate. In the region where I grew up, whole Daikon radishes are tied on ropes and hung outdoor in the dry cold winter air to dry. Once they are wilted, …

  • Potato Vegetables

    Beetroot & Potato Salad

    I used to be a Beetroot hater. I hated it so bad and didn’t want to put it into my mouth. But I love it now, and Canned Beetroot is my pantry essential. ‘Spinach, Beetroot & Fetta Salad’ is my No.1 Beetroot Salad. No. 2 is this ‘Beetroot & Potato Salad’. You can add Boiled …

  • Vegetables

    Spinach, Beetroot & Fetta Salad

    This is one of my Top 5 favourite salads. You don’t need any salad dressing for this salad. I only use some good quality Olive Oil, Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper. The sweetness and sourness from Canned Beetroots, and saltiness of delicious Fetta Cheese are good enough when combined with Baby Spinach. So easy! …