Archive for July 24th, 2020

  • Azuki (Red Beans)

    Sweet Azuki & Sesame Seeds Spring Rolls

    There is a popular fried dumpling filled with Sweet Azuki Paste and coated with Sesame Seeds. I tried to make something similar to it using Spring Roll Wrappers. This dessert is absolutely easy to make. Fried crunchy Sesame Seeds and Sweet Azuki Paste are delicious when combined. I like to use Black Sesame Seeds for …

  • Lamb Potato

    Lamb Jaga

    ‘Nikujaga’ is a very popular Japanese dish made of ‘Niku’ (Meat) and ‘Jagaimo’ (Potato) that are cooked, often with Onion, in sweet soy sauce flavoured broth. I usually use thinly sliced Beef for the dish, but Pork or Chicken can be used. I wondered how about Lamb? I have never ever tried it before, so …