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  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Rustic Chocolate Doughnuts

    These doughnuts are far from soft and fluffy doughnuts. They are heavy doughnuts that have crispy outside. The recipe is based on ‘My Mother’s Round Doughnuts’ recipe. I love this type of rustic doughnuts, probably because I grew up on them. Today I coated them with melted Dark Chocolate. Coffee flavoured icing is nice, too. …

  • Egg

    Marbled Boiled Eggs

    The other day I met a stranger and talked about my recipe website. The very first thing that the person asked me was the recipe for ‘Marbled Boiled Eggs’. I have tried Marbled Egg before and I didn’t enjoy it because it was over-cooked and the Egg Yolk was greyish colour. I searched for recipes …