• Donburi (Rice Bowl) Egg

    Egg & Parmesan On Rice

    There is a very popular dish in Japan, and I believe it can be considered as a Japan’s national food. It’s ‘Tamago Kake Gohan’, a raw Egg on freshly cooked hot Rice. People drizzle with some Soy Sauce and mix all together before they eat it. The raw Egg would be slightly cooked by the …

  • Egg Vegetables

    Rice Cooker Eggplant & Mushrooms Frittata

    My Rice Cooker Frittata recipe is very versatile. You can add any ingredients of your choice to the Egg Mixture. Today I added Eggplant & Mushrooms. Red Capsicum OR Tomatoes can be a good addition to this Frittata. You need to precook Vegetables, but once you combined all ingredients and placed the mixture into the …

  • Beef Donburi (Rice Bowl) Egg

    Beef & Egg Rice Bowl

    I recently discovered that a local Asian grocery store is selling super thinly sliced Beef. The Beef slices are frozen and in tube shape. Using those super thinly sliced Beef, this ‘Beef & Egg Rice Bowl’ is quick and easy to prepare. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients 100 to 120g thinly sliced Pork *cut into bite-size …

  • Beef Egg

    Rice Cooker Beef Mince & Potato Frittata

    My rice cooker has ‘Cake’ setting. I have found it is the best way to cook Upside-down Cakes, but it is perfect for cooking crust-less Quiche and Frittata as well. I have shared my ‘Rice Cooker Zucchini Frittata’ and ‘Spinach and Ham Frittata’ recipes on this website. Here is another one for you to try. …

  • Egg Pork

    Pan-Grilled Rice Paper & Egg

    The other day, I saw a video of a woman grilling Rice Paper over hot charcoal and making something that looked absolutely yummy. It seems it was a popular Vietnamese street food. I tried to recreate a similar thing using a frying pan. The essentail ingredients are Rice Paper and Egg, then you can add …

  • Egg

    Miso Marinated Eggs

    ‘Soy Sauce Egg’, Boiled Egg marinated in Soy Sauce, has become popular in Melbourne where I live as ‘Ramen’ (Japanese style noodles in soup) has become popular and ‘Soy Sauce Egg’ is a common topping for ‘Ramen’. You can marinate Boiled Eggs in Miso as well. I recommend to add extra ingredients for flavours. These …

  • Egg Vegetables

    Rice Cooker Spinach & Ham Frittata

    If your rice cooker has ‘Cake’ setting, it cooks not only cakes but also crust-less Quiche and Frittata. My ‘Rice Cooker Zucchini Frittata’ is super easy. Today I made ‘Spinach and Ham Frittata’ using a 120g bag of Baby Spinach. I LOVE Baby Spinach because it is easy to use. If you use ordinary Spinach, …

  • Bread Cheese Egg

    Pan Fried Egg & Cheese Tortilla

    When my family have Tacos for dinner, we always end up having some leftover Tortillas. You might have your favourite way to enjoy the leftover Tortillas. This is may favourite ‘Quick and Easy’ way. You only need a frying pan to cook this delicious Egg & Cheese Tortilla. Add some extra ingredients that you have, …

  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Egg Pork

    Pork & Egg Rice Bowl

    Pan-fried Pork and Egg can be a great dish. As I always eat it with freshly cooked Rice, I made it into a rice bowl today. The sauce I used today was one of my favourites, a mixture of Soy Sauce and Oyster Sauce. It’s super easy to make. I often add a small amount …

  • Egg

    Poached Egg

    There are some different methods to cook Poached Egg. You might have your own. This is my method. It’s super easy and you won’t fail to make a good looking Poached Egg with runny Egg Yolk. Method

  • Chicken Egg

    Chicken Drumettes & Boiled Eggs with Oyster Sauce

    Many people bake Chicken Wings (Drumettes & Wingettes) in the oven, but these small pieces are easy to cook in a frying pan, and it is energy efficient. This dish is super easy and I am sure your family and friends would enjoy. The recipe includes a sauce made with Oyster Sauce, but actually you …

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