• Tofu & Soy Protein

    Cold Tofu with ‘Nattō’, ‘Takuan’ & Kimchi

    When I am too tired to cook anything on a hot day, ‘Hiyayakko’ is a go-to dish. ‘Hiyayakko’, a Japanese dish of chilled Tofu, can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings. Today I added a mixture of ‘Nattō’ (Fermented Soy Beans), ‘Takuan’ (Japanese Pickled Daikon) and Kimchi. It is a filling and satisfying dish …

  • Other Soup

    Silken Tofu & Egg Soup

    This is one of the soups that I frequently cook. It’s a super quick and easy soup. You can use medium soft Tofu, but I always use Silken Tofu, that is the softest type. Because of the soft jelly-like texture of Silken Tofu and the thickened soup, this soup is very comforting when I have …

  • Chicken Tofu & Soy Protein

    Mabo Chicken Tofu

    ‘Mapo Tofu’, a popular Chinese dish has been adapted to Japanese tastes and it is called ‘Mābō Dōfu’ in Japan. My family’s Japanese style recipe is quite different from the authentic recipes, but it is very easy to prepare and tasty. ‘Mābō Dōfu’ is commonly made with Pork Mince. If you don’t eat Pork, why …

  • Miso Soup

    Mug Miso Soup

    For several days since last week, I had a cold and just craved soups day after day. One day I really wanted to eat Miso Soup with Silken Tofu, that would be very gentle to my sore throat. However, I didn’t have enough energy to cook it properly. Then, I made this Mug Miso Soup. …

  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Tofu & Soy Protein

    Gochujang Tofu Rice Bowl

    Try this Vegan rice bowl dish on meat-free Monday. It’s a very simple dish to cook but it is really yummy and filling. Instead of adding Potato Starch to the sauce at the end of cooking process, coat Tofu pieces with Potato Starch first, so that the Potato Starch layer will become jelly like and …

  • Egg Tofu & Soy Protein Vegetables

    Cold Tofu & Egg with Spring Onion

    The mixture of Spring Onion and Garlic seasoned with Salt and Sesame Oil is very versatile. I often use it for ‘Spring Onion & Tofu Salad’, but you can use it for Omelette, Pasta dishes, Rice dishes, and many more. Today I enjoyed it with Silken Tofu. I strongly recommend to add a softly cooked …

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