When I am too tired to cook anything on a hot day, ‘Hiyayakko’ is a go-to dish. ‘Hiyayakko’, a Japanese dish of chilled Tofu, can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings. Today I added a mixture of ‘Nattō’ (Fermented Soy Beans), ‘Takuan’ (Japanese Pickled Daikon) and Kimchi. It is a filling and satisfying dish to me.


1 Serving


1 container Nattō *with sauce and mustard

1/2 Spring Onion *finely chopped
2 tablespoons Kimchi *cut into small pieces if large
30g ‘Takuan’ (Japanese Pickled Daikon) *cut into small pieces or strips
300g Silken Tofu
Toasted Sesame Seeds
Soy Sauce *optional

  1. In a small bowl, mix Nattō with the sauce and mustard that are most likely included in the container. Add Spring Onion, Kimchi and ‘Takuan’, and mix to combine.
  2. Remove excess water from Silken Tofu, place in serving bowl OR plate, cover with the Nattō mixture, sprinkle with some Toasted Sesame Seeds, and enjoy. Drizzle with some Soy Sauce if required.