• Bread Fish Vegetables

    Fish Finger Tacos

    The other day, I saw a photo of Fish Tacos on a Facebook page. It looked so good and I wanted to eat it, but I had no energy and motivation to cook Fried Crumbed Fish. When my children were young and I was a very busy mum, I never cooked Fried Crumbed Fish. I …

  • Fish

    White Fish with Mustard White Sauce

    White Sauce goes well with White Fish. I sometimes add some herbs to the sauce, but today I added Whole Grain Mustard. You may wish to add Herbs as well. For this dish, I like to use Blue Grenadier (Hoki), which meat is similar to Cod. It’s very easy to prepare, but looks stylish, doesn’t …

  • Curry Fish

    Tandoori Fish

    ‘Tandoori Chicken’ is a world-famous dish. I just marinated White Fish in the same Tandoori marinade and baked in the oven. It won’t take long to marinate Fish, and Fish can be cooked very quickly. This dish is absolutely quick and easy. Today I served it with my Turmeric Rice. Using a rice cooker, it …

  • Fish Sushi

    Sashimi Chirashi-zushi

    The number of recipes that I have shared on this website reached 2000. I wanted to celebrate the achievement. Japanese people often celebrate special occasions with Sushi. So, I decided to make this Sashimi Chirashi-zushi, a type of Sushi, that is a very special dish for me because Sashimi is not easy to find where …

  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Fish

    Fish Fingers & Egg Rice Bowl

    I used to purchase Frozen Fish Fingers regularly for my children when they were young. My children loved Fish Fingers, which made a quick & easy meal. Sometimes I had leftovers and they didn’t taste good next day. This is what I used to cook using those leftover Fish Fingers. A typical Japanese rice bowl …

  • Fish Vegetables

    Fish Ball Salad with Kimchi Flavoured Sauce

    You can make an instant Kimchi by dressing Vegetables with my ‘Kimchi Flavoured Sauce’. You can add Oil such as Sesame Oil and more Vinegar to the sauce, and make salad dressing. My ‘Kimchi Flavoured Sauce’ is very versatile. Today I simply combined Fish Balls and Salad Vegetables with the sauce. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients …

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