Squid & Octopus

  • Squid & Octopus Vegetables

    Garlic Butter Asparagus & Squid

    The sauce made with Garlic, Butter and Soy Sauce is great for Vegetables, Meat, Fish, Seafood, Pasta, Rice OR anything. Today I cooked Asparagus and Squid. I tried to use Oyster Sauce instead of Soy Sauce, and it was also delicious, though Oyster Sauce makes the flavour sweet. This is a very simple stir-fry dish. …

  • Squid & Octopus

    Kara-age Fried Squid

    ‘Kara-age’ is a Japanese deep-frying technic, that is often used to cook Chicken. You need to marinate the ingredients before frying them. The Soy Sauce base ‘Kara-age’ marinade is very versatile and can be used for a variety of ingredients including Squid. I add Salt and Chilli to the Flour mixture for extra strong flavour. …

  • Squid & Octopus

    Salt & Pepper Squid

    If you don’t mind your kitchen cooktop getting oily, deep-frying is the best way to cook Salt & Pepper Squid. I have tried oven-baking method, but deep-frying is better. And it is not too hard or scary to cook that way. Many people use Wheat Flour for coating, but my choice is definitely Rice Flour. …

  • Squid & Octopus Takikomigohan

    Squid Takikomigohan

    This is a super simple Takikomigohan that you can try when you have fresh Squid. I use Dashi Stock to cook it, but you can cook with Water because Umami and lovely flavour should come out from fresh Squid. A little bit of Sesame Oil can add an extra flavour. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 2 …

  • Squid & Octopus

    Sir-fried Squid & Lemon

    Fresh whole Squids are hard to find where I live, but Frozen Squid Tubes are widely available from many shops, and they are inexpensive. Just thaw them, cut into rings, and stir-fry. Anyone can do that. Here is a super easy recipe for you to try. You only need a frying pan, and no special …

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