Archive for August 22nd, 2021

  • Vegetables

    Chilli Butter Corn

    Butter & Soy Sauce is a great flavour for Corn and it is my favourite. Today I added Toban Djan (Chilli Bean Sauce) to the Butter & Soy Sauce. If you don’t have it, you can add Chilli Flakes OR other Chilli base sauce. Corn’s sweetness goes so well in this flavour. Makes 4 Servings …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Rice Cooker Soufflé Cheesecake

    Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake needs to be steam baked using a water bath. The batter is simple to make, but it’s tricky to keep the right temperature for the perfect result. Today I was just curious to find out what would happen if I cook it in my rice cooker, as I know Rice Cooker is …