If you don’t mind your kitchen cooktop getting oily, deep-frying is the best way to cook Salt & Pepper Squid. I have tried oven-baking method, but deep-frying is better. And it is not too hard or scary to cook that way. Many people use Wheat Flour for coating, but my choice is definitely Rice Flour. And I recommend to add some Chilli Flakes as well.


2 to 3 Servings


250g Squid Tubes *I used medium size Squid Tubes
Oil for frying

Seasoned Flour
2 tablespoons Rice Flour
2 tablespoons Potato Starch *OR Corn Starch
1 teaspoon Fine Salt
1 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
Chilli Flakes *optional for extra heat

  1. Combine all the ingredients of Seasoned Flour. You must mix them very well, so that Salt and Pepper are evenly blended.
  2. Pat dry Squid Tubes with paper towel and cut into the size that is easy to eat. Today I cut them into 2cm-wide rings. If the tubes are large, you might need to cut them differently.
  3. Coat each Squid piece with the Seasoned Flour very well.
  4. Heat Oil to 180°C. Cook coated Squid pieces until cooked through and crispy. Squid can be cooked fairly quickly. Take them out and lay them on a rack or paper towel to drain the oil.
  5. Serve with a refreshing Salad or enjoy with chilled BEER!