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    Sushi Rice Bowl

    This is my favourite hot day dish, that I often prepare for my family on a very hot day and I don’t want to cook anything. My kitchen has a large window that is facing west, and the kitchen can get extremely hot. While it is still not too hot, I prepare Sushi Rice and …

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    ‘Furikake’ made with Leftover Bonito Flakes

    Yesterday, my son made a proper Dashi Stock using Bonito Flakes that is called ‘Hana Katsuo’ (花かつお). ‘Hana Katsuo’ makes a very nice dashi stock, but it was almost tasteless after being used. DO NOT discard the tasteless Bonito Flakes. I made this ‘Furikake’ using the tasteless Bonito Flakes. If you have a microwave, it …