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  • Egg Potato

    Potato & Egg Salad with Parmesan

    Today I failed to cook Boiled Eggs. They were supposed to be soft and gooey. I was cooking them in my Water & Energy Saving Method. When I thought ‘three more minutes to wait’, I started doing something else and totally forgot about it. Eggs were left in the hot saucepan for too long and …

  • Egg Mushrooms Pork

    Stir-fried Black Fungus, Pork & Egg

    Today I want to share a very simple stir-fry recipe. If you love Black Fungus, you would enjoy this dish. You can use Chicken instead of Pork for this dish. When I use Eggs for a stir-fry, I most likely cook it first separately with a generous amount of Oil, then return it at the …

  • Chicken

    Pan-fried Chicken ‘Tatsuta’

    Chicken ‘Tatsuta’ OR ‘Tatsuta-agé’ is a very popular Japanese style fried Chicken. Chicken is marinated, and coated with Potato Starch, then deep-fried. Today I shallow-fried as I am still a little scared to use a lot of oil since the kitchen accident when I burnt my face with hot oil. Shallow-frying method works fine if …