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  • Halloween Mochi & Dango Dumplings

    Halloween Dango Eyeballs

    When I was looking for Halloween themed food, I found Eyeballs made with Bocconcini (small Mozzarella balls) and Green & Black Olives. What a brilliant idea! I decided I was going to make my own Halloween Eyeballs. The first thing I thought about was Dango Dumplings, which are small white balls. I decorated with coloured …

  • Halloween

    Halloween Zombie Bento

    In the Halloween season last year, I made ‘Zombie Cookies’. It was great fun making those Zombie faces with cookie dough. This year, I decided to make Zombie Bento (a packed lunch). This Bento has been inspired by Chicken Soboro Don. I used Beef Mince instead of Chicken Mince, but you can use other Minced …