Archive for October 19th, 2022

  • Vegetables

    ‘Kara-age’ Fried Broccoli

    ‘Kara-age’ (kah-rah-ah-ge) is a Japanese cooking technique to cook meat and fish. The most popular one is ‘Kara-age’ Chicken. Today I cooked a head of Broccoli in the same way. It is not the healthiest method to cook Broccoli, but it is yummy. It would be great for drinking, particularly with chilled Beer. Makes 2 …

  • Nuts Potato

    Sweet Potato & Peanuts with Miso Sauce

    This dish is a variation of my ‘Miso Peanuts & Tofu’. I replaced Tofu with steamed Sweet Potato today. I wanted to use Pumpkin, but Pumpkins in Australia are all too wet and not suitable for stir-fry dish like this one. Floury Pumpkin that has fluffy texture would be great. You may wish to try …